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BOTOX® News! Hailey, Brody, Casey and Wray, M.D. P.C. has been recognized as one of the country's most respected National Training Centers for BOTOX. A key research center during the development of BOTOX Cosmetic, our Atlanta practice continues to provide expert BOTOX training to Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons from around the United States. Our doctors are some of the most respected BOTOX specialists in the country. Don't trust your appearance with just anyone...The doctors of Hailey, Brody, Casey & Wray, M.D., P.C. can help you look your absolute best!

BOTOX Cosmetic (Botulinum A Toxin) is an FDA-approved treatment for wrinkles. Safe and effective, BOTOX Cosmetic prevents wrinkles by preventing frowning and squinting through a mechanism of muscle inactivation. Supplemented by collagen injections, skin can be smoother than ever before on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and on the neck.

When BOTOX Cosmetic is injected into a muscle, it blocks the release of the chemical that transmits nerve signals to help the muscle contract. The result is a localized muscle relaxation. Wrinkles then smooth out from disuse of the muscle.

In Atlanta, BOTOX has been used by our dermatologists for wrinkles since 1994. The treatment weakens the muscles that produce the frown lines between the eyebrows on the bridge of the nose, called the glabella. It is used for the forehead wrinkles and also for the crow's feet around the eyes. BOTOX injections can also be used to relieve the banding under the neck in certain sagging necks. BOTOX is excellent to maintain results after cosmetic surgery (laser resurfacing, eyelift, browlift.) BOTOX can also be used for certain cases of droopy mouth corners or dimply chins.

BOTOX around the eyes

before procedure

after procedure

BOTOX between the eyebrows

before procedure

after procedure

Through our practice in Atlanta, BOTOX injections for wrinkles are available as an in-office procedure that usually takes less than 20 minutes. The treatment involves tiny injection of small amounts into the muscles to weaken them. The weakness must be maintained by reinjection every 3 months for the first year or two. After that time the results may last as long as 5-6 months as the muscles thin from disuse. The needle for injection is so small that patients are amazed that the treatments are so easy. Patients should contract the muscles for an hour afterwards and avoid direct pressure on the site or heavy exercise for several hours after treatment.

BOTOX is best injected by a dermatologist/dermatologic surgeon, a physician that has expertise in the medical, surgical, and cosmetic treatments of the skin. Dermatologists have done considerable research with the use of BOTOX since its beginnings in the early 1990s. Hailey & Brody, M.D. P.C., has been a key research center during the development of BOTOX Cosmetic, and has now been chosen as a National Training Center for BOTOX. We offer our expertise to you, the patient, in Atlanta, Georgia. And that means you get beautiful, safe results - from some of the country's most respected BOTOX specialists. Our Atlanta physicians will evaluate your skin, and determine the role BOTOX should have in your treatment. Along with prescription medical creams and the other surgical options, BOTOX Cosmetic injections can provide beautifully effective and gratifying results in the treatment of aging skin.

Side effects are minimal, but a temporary droopy eyelid can appear. This condition is treatable if it occurs. Bruising and local soreness or temporary headaches are rare complications. The amount of respiratory infections after BOTOX is the same as the general population. Patients who are pregnant, on Calcium Channel blockers, or with Myasthenia Gravis disease should not receive BOTOX. If you have a history of a "lazy eye," you should tell your doctor.

Additional treatments for wrinkles are also available from our dermatologic surgeons. Simultaneous collagen or Restylane injections are available for wrinkles that are "etched" into the skin. Additionally, chemical peels, laser surgery, or dermabrasion can be used to treat wrinkles (from sun damage) that are not treatable by BOTOX.

BOTOX injections can also be used as an off-label treatment for migraine headaches. Approximately 79% of patients will see an improvement with treatment. An interesting fact - dermatologists helped to describe the use of BOTOX for migraines. BOTOX can also be used to decrease sweating on the palms, under the arms and at the hairline. The effectiveness of this treatment may last as long as 6 months.

Under certain circumstances, Myobloc® (Botulinum B toxin) may be used instead of BOTOX. The complications are basically the same. Myobloc use for wrinkles is an off-label use of the drug. Relaxin (Medicis) will be available in 2006.

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